Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Darwinian agriculture: How understanding evolution can improve agriculture

A lecture and discussion series

By R. Ford Denison
University of Minnesota, USA

22-26 March 2013 (scroll down for schedule of 5 sessions)
Rooms A, B, and C; D.L. Umali Building, IRRI

Professor R. Ford Denison will hold a series of lectures and discussions on evolution and agriculture on 22-26 March 2013.

He will discuss topics from his book, Darwinian Agriculture: How Understanding Evolution Can Improve Agriculture, which reveals why it is sometimes better to slow or even reverse evolutionary trends when they are inconsistent with our present goals, and how we can glean new ideas from natural selection's marvelous innovations in wild species.

Schedule of lectures:

Friday, 22 March
13:15-14:15 | Improving on nature?

Monday, 25 March
09:00-10:00 | Real, complex, and imaginary tradeoffs
13:15-14:15 | Evolutionary tradeoffs as opportunities

Tuesday, 26 March
09:00-10:00 | More tradeoff-linked opportunities
13:15-14:15 | Nature cannot be fooled

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