Monday, 3 September 2012

Overcoming the phenotyping bottlenecks: An Australian perspective

CESD Seminar

By Xavier R.R. Sirault
Engineer scientist (plant phenomics)
CSIRO Plant Industry 

1315-1415 H, Tuesday, 4 September 2012
Room A, D.L. Umali Laboratory, IRRI


Currently, there is a disjuncture in plant scientists’ capacity to measure the molecular or genetic level (genomics) and the functional whole-plant level (phenomics). Genomics is providing an enormous volume of data retrieved using high-throughput technologies but our ability to measure functionality such as water use or photosynthesis, at such scale and at the whole plant level, has lagged behind.
Nevertheless, relating genomic information to the phenotype of plants is critical for the identification and characterization of genes underlying important traits.

In this talk, Xavier will present a suite of unique and purpose-built phenotyping technologies, including field technologies, to help alleviate two phenotyping bottlenecks: (1) increasing researchers’ capacity to precisely and accurately quantify the development and functioning of plants, importantly with greater detail, frequency, and objectivity than traditional methods; and (2) analyzing the tremendous volume of multidimensional bio-imaging data collected.

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