Monday, 3 September 2012

Using genomic approaches to increase rice’s yield potential

IRRI Seminar

By Parminder Virk
Senior scientist
Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology Division

1315-1415 H, Thursday, 29 August 2012Havener Auditorium, IRRI

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The yield potential of rice varieties strongly influences grain yield and production. Improving this trait has thus been the major strategy to increase rice production to meet the demand of an ever-growing growing population. The development of semi-dwarf varieties at IRRI in the 1960s is an example of such efforts. However, the yield of newly developed rice varieties has stagnated and novel approaches are now being sought to solve this global challenge.

In this seminar, Parminder will discuss genomic approaches, in particular, for enhancing the yield potential of this important crop, which is essential to achieving global food security.

IRRI Seminars are a forum for invited IRRI staff and guests to present information and their opinions on topics relevant to international rice research and the work of IRRI.

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