Thursday, 1 October 2015

​Transformational innovations in Plant Breeding

An IRRI Seminar

By  Peter Guzman 
Commercial Pipeline Breeder
Monsanto Corn Research Station 
Harrisburg​, South Dakota​

​​08 October 2015
1:15-2:15 p.m.
Havener Auditorium


​Monsanto is a leading global provider of agricultural products for farmers, and our focus is on meeting their needs. Our goals are to help farmers double their yields in our core crops of corn, soybean, cotton, and canola, between 2000 and 2030, while using one-third fewer key resources, such as water and energy, for every bushel and bale they produce. In reaching those goals, we aim to improve lives by making farming more productive and efficient for growers around the world, including more than 5 million of them who, today, struggle to produce enough just to feed their families. In this seminar, I will describe how Monsanto is transforming plant breeding to deliver increased genetic gain through genetic diversity, enhanced breeding methods, automation, and analytics.

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