Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Challenges for genetic analysis in MAGIC

PBGB Seminar

By Emma Huang
Senior research scientist
Mathematics, Informatics, and Statistics
CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia

1400H, Wednesday, 14 November 2012
PBGB Conference Room 1, NCBL Building, IRRI


Multiparent Advanced Generation InterCross (MAGIC) populations offer great potential for advancing our understanding of crop genomes and their relationship with the environment and quantitative traits. However, realizing the benefits of the new design presents both statistical and computational challenges in analysis.

Dr. Huang will discuss the MAGIC populations in progress at CSIRO, the challenges her team currently faces, and those they expect to face in the future. In particular, she will present examples from three areas: analyzing genetic structure, selecting lines for phenotyping, and linking genotypes with phenotypes. For each example, she will discuss the development of statistical and computational approaches and, finally, will conclude with a discussion of future directions for MAGIC analysis.

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